Transformation Tuesday – The living and dining rooms

Much better, thanks to some dear friends and my Mom!  Previously, the dining room had white on the top half of the walls with a floral border at chair rail level and then dark pinkish-red on the bottom. It took two full days to do both rooms, but they look so much nicer!  (Gotta get that bulkhead and ceiling fixed and painted!)

The living room was just plain, dirty white.  Another friend told me about using canvas drop cloths for slipcovers, so  that’s what I did with the couch pictured.  It looks really nice when it’s tucked and fulled and pinned here and there, and it’s really comfortable.  Unfortunately, Mr. Chew the House to Pieces One Couch at a Time tore into the slipcover.  GRRRR!

The walls are Behr Coastal Mist.  The trim is Behr Ultra Bright White. It was the kind with the primer in the paint.  It went on really well!

Last week, I painted a clock that was given to us.  It was an anniversary clock from one of my parents’ employers.  It was supposed to be brass-looking, but it was made of plastic – because nothing says “Good Job” and “Happy Anniversary” like plastic – and wasn’t shining up very well, so I decided to experiment with some leftover spray paint I had.

The Clock - Before

I had some leftover black enamel spray paint from who-knows-what.  My friend who knows way more about home deco than I do let me pick her brain about colors.  I’m so not a home deco aware person!  Anyway, we thought black might be a nice accent.  Turns out it was a wee bit too much black.

The Clock - After (the first time)

I do not love black, but I like it as an accent in small amounts, but this was not a small amount, so I jumped headlong into repainting it.

The Clock - After (the second time)

I’m much happier with this color!  It looks much nicer with the theme I’m trying to achieve – a cottage at the beach.  Not a busy, flesh market, party til you drop type of place, but a Great Lakes peaceful getaway type of place.  Partying is optional but not necessary.

I also painted that $1 tray I picked up brand new on sale.  I almost think it was JoAnn‘s.  Yep, I’m pretty sure it was JoAnn’s.

Did you notice the bamboo place mat on the buffet? I saw a bunch of those at Dollar Tree and they really “pop” in the dining room.  I love the touch of bright green and yellow in the room full of “coastal” blue.

I have recently learned that now that my house is getting to be the way I like it, we’re going to sell it!  I’m not sure whether to be thrilled that we’re hopefully moving to a bigger house or disappointed that after all of that work, I’m not going to get to enjoy it for long!  Well, I think I’m learning contentment.


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