20 minutes later …

  1. I’ve consolidated several bags of clothing to go to the Salvation Army.
  2. I’ve gathered up all of the various rolls of wrapping paper throughout the room and closet and put them into a large gift bag. That reminds me. I should put the empty gift bags and boxes with that stuff. Duh!
  3. I’ve got a pile of empty wrapping paper rolls, empty bags, and other waste paper waiting to be bagged up and trashed. (I know. Who goes back to bed at this hour with a pile of trash on their bedroom floor? Why not just pitch it now? Four words: That Stoopid Jack Russell. She’s doing a lot better about not barking at everything, but I’m not sure what time she’s willing to wake up for the day, so I’m not taking any chances.)

Well, that’s enough progress for one middle-of-the-night.

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