Christmas 2010

We had a great day, even though The Sgt is a million miles away.

Since I’ve had my vent for the year, I figure I should “rewind” a bit and tell the whole truth.

We have a tradition of doing things differently on holidays when The Sgt is gone so the highlight of the different things we did was a treasure hunt!  🙂  I invited the Grandparents over to watch the boys do the hunt.  They came over around 10 Christmas morning.  I gave the boys their first gifts, felt reindeer antlers from Dollar Tree.  🙂 A requirement for participating in the treasure hunt, dontchaknow.  🙂

I had 18 clues for them to find and solve, much of which did not have anything special except tiny gift bags with a few pieces of candy, but some of them had things like socks.  We’re weird.  We like getting socks for Christmas.

One of the Grandmas helped hide some of the clues.  One of the Grandma-hidden clues had gifts, and boy did she hide them good!  It was so cold out (the gifts were hidden in one of the vehicles) that I finally told the boys to forget about it as long as they had the next clue; they could find the remaining gift later.

Another clue required the kids to sing the 12th verse of The Twelve Days of Christmas to me.  That was rich!  And I couldn’t believe they actually did it, but they did!  Singing in front of an audience is totally not them, but the three of them muddled through it together and we all enjoyed it, even them I think!

For some reason, when I think of special occasions, I think in object lessons.  I feel like it’s a waste of time to celebrate something without focusing on the deeper meaning and making it real.  For this, I took the Bible reading from the girls’ Christmas party and broke it up into smaller readings.  I tried to take an element of the reading and attach a clue to a hiding place that relates to the element in some way.  I couldn’t work that out every time, but I tried to do that whenever possible.  I appreciated hearing the account of the birth of Christ in an extended, more spread out way.  We kind of savored it instead of breezing through it just to get to the presents.  In short, it was neat.   😀

The treasure hunt took a hair over an hour and by the time it was over, I think everyone felt like they got their money’s worth, so to speak. 🙂  I hope we will do something like that again next year.  🙂

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