The party!

The multigenerational Christmas party we’ve planned for months went well!  It’s amazing what one can do when one isn’t one but several!!  I am so glad that a group of us ventured out into unfamiliar territory and had this party for our young women.  🙂

After lots of planning and maybe as much praying, we held our first Young Ladies’ Christmas Party.  This party came about because of a desire to connect the Young Ladies with the Older Ladies at our church, and we wanted to make it as special for them as another church sponsored event is for the post high school ladies of our church.  We had simple yet beautiful decorations, multigenerational seating arrangements, a simple program (which included Christmas caroling!), *Conversation Box guided discussion, and buffet style dessert. We wanted to do something that would appeal both to the youth as well as to those who are youthful at heart, and judging from the positive responses, we accomplished both.  Thank You, Lord!

This party would not have been what it was without the number of ladies who were willing to put their talents and abilities to work on behalf of our youth.  We had a lead organizer, a gifted writer with a heart for women’s ministry, two talented and enthusiastic decorators, a talented photographer who donated her time and skills, several willing volunteers to do whatever was needed, several voices of reason to talk the lead organizer (me!) down from the clouds and back into reality, seven older women who agreed to partner with us in support of our young ladies and four who were able to attend the event, and several behind the scenes support people who just did what they were told.  🙂

As far as I know, this has not been done at our church before, or if it has, it has been so long ago that no one remembers.  The original six of us had ideas about what we could do, but since we didn’t have a pattern to follow, and because I lack the leadership ability to pick a direction and stick with it, it was a bumpy ride in the beginning, at least for me.  I was really concerned about whether I was doing it right, whatever “it” was.  All of the older women were somewhat anxious about the evening, not really knowing what to expect, and yet they were the ones who were the most enthusiastic about doing it again next year!  🙂  When the evening ended, we all thought it went well and were glad that we did it.

Now to schedule next year’s party and get a plan put together.  🙂

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