Sick – Day 7

Okay, I’m ready to be done with this virus or whatever it is!

You know what, though?  I am really, really thankful for Puffs.  I’m so glad I have the ability to splurge on facial tissues!  My nose would be raw otherwise.

Because I’ve been dragging, I’ve watched several movies on Netflix this week.  I had never seen Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner until this week.  It’s really a good movie!  I don’t care for the gratuitous mention of shacking up, as if to thumb noses at marriage, and I don’t care for the “if that’s how you feel, that’s all that matters” nonsense, but I loved the rest of it.  Even the kids watched it with me!

Last night, we watched The Christmas Clause, which was an okay movie with Leah Thompson and that one guy from Stargate.  I say that it was okay because it was a knock off of It’s a Wonderful Life. You can’t beat the original with a stick, but it was a cute movie.  I would caution families with boys about Leah’s attire when she wakes up in her alternate life.  It just seemed unnecessarily cheap and trashy.

We also watched The Christmas Cottage, a movie about Thomas Kinkade as a struggling young artist on a visit home for Christmas.  That was a good movie!    I’d tell you about it if I wasn’t running late for picking up the kids from church!  Yikes!


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