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It only takes one nail

to flatten a tire, rendering the vehicle useless until the tire is either repaired or replaced with something that works.   Just thinking about how one word or one statement can deflate the spirit of a person. Advertisements

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The party!

The multigenerational Christmas party we’ve planned for months went well!  It’s amazing what one can do when one isn’t one but several!!  I am so glad that a group of us ventured out into unfamiliar territory and had this party … Continue reading

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T’was the week before Christmas week

Our Young Ladies’ Christmas Party is in two days and I feel a little sick to my stomach this morning.  I’m sure it will be fine, but I had such huge expectations a few months ago.  Now I just want … Continue reading

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I normally try to avoid whining and complaining online, but it seems like I’ve done an awful lot of it lately.  Well, I’m going to do it again. If you’re not interested, avert your eyes. Tonight’s whinging session is inspired … Continue reading

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Sick – Day 7

Okay, I’m ready to be done with this virus or whatever it is! You know what, though?  I am really, really thankful for Puffs.  I’m so glad I have the ability to splurge on facial tissues!  My nose would be … Continue reading

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