It has been over a year since I’ve been sick with a virus, maybe longer.  Yesterday morning, I woke up feeling like I was coming down with something.  You know that burning-at-the-back-of-your-sinuses feeling?  I know I’m running a fever when I have weird dreams.  Just prior to waking up with a fever, I dreamed that I was in an episode of Stargate Atlantis, only it wasn’t an episode, it was real.   It has been a long time since I’ve felt this kind of lousy.

There’s lots to do today and not a lot of time to do it.  For one thing, we’re getting a new fridge this week.  The old one is on its last leg. It’s also huge and takes up a lot of space. I need to go officially purchase the new one so that hopefully it can be delivered this week yet.

I’m sorely disappointed that wifi is not available where The Sgt is. Thanks a lot, U.S. Army!! That is so stupid!! We had hoped to be able to use Skype, but so far nada.

I am thankful that the USO has computers available to our men. I shouldn’t complain about the lack of wifi. At least he can access his email.

Well, I’m freezing to death and I ache all over.  I guess I’ll go back to bed.

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