I don’t know why I thought one of the kids and I could scrape and paint two entryways in an afternoon.  I must’ve lost my mind for a minute there.

We scraped and painted the front entry and the mud room, both of which were very scary looking.  Peeling paint and a 60 years worth of dust was almost enough to make me turn tail and run, but by God’s grace, I persisted.  Four days later, it’s like my house has a new lease on life – and so do I!!  In home ownership, there’s no sweeter source of satisfaction – to me, anyway – than sweat equity.

We really could not afford it, but I got two gallons of paint with primer in it.  Paint was sooo not in the budget, but I couldn’t stand the thought of waiting until next spring or later to clean up this mess.

Thank You, God, for meeting all of our needs and a few of our wants!

I haven’t talked to The Sgt about it lately, but I think we are both in agreement that we should stay in this tiny house so that our kids can graduate from college debt free.  If I had not just been looking at some beach cottage photo galleries on various design websites, I might’ve been very discouraged at the thought.  We have wanted to move out of this house and neighborhood forEVER.  When dh first suggested that to me, though, I felt as if a weight had been lifted.  We have been planning all of our home improvements around the next buyer’s preferences, and we have mostly ended up doing nothing with the house.  Everything the next buyer might prefer has been too costly or not something I liked. Anywho, I have enjoyed looking through my friend, Sue’s deco/design books and various older magazines for ideas, and I am so excited!  So much of this seems doable now that I have a basic idea of what can work at this house.
Well, now I’m babbling.  Better hit the hay.  Good night, all!

Proverbs 13:12 Hope deferred makes the heart sick,
but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.

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