“… busy, busy, shockingly busy … “

I was going to post a few days ago, but I really haven’t had time to think of something intelligent, witty, and wise.  I still haven’t thought of anything intelligent, witty and wise, but I’ve got food in the fridge, gas in the tank and no shut off notices, so I thought I’d just express my thanks to God for His provision.  It is so nice to have a wider variety of food, a prospect of more food, and a few bucks in case of an emergency food need.  What a change from the last year! The Sgt is pretty happy about it to.

The other day, a lady told me I should march myself right down to the department of human services and apply for food stamps and medicaid.  We’ve never been without sustenance.  God has always met our needs, so we have never gone that route.  I’ve almost done that a couple of times, but He is faithful.

Thank You, God of all Creation!

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