Disappointment and comfort

The Sgt had a heart attack last year, and we thought there might be a possibility that he would deploy to the post where training is taking place and then get sent home, even though his home station medical people have approved him for deployment. Well, he saw the doc yesterday and he will be going overseas as planned. Money has been so tight that it has been hard to breathe at times, so in that sense, we are all glad. On the other hand, we will never get this time back. We will reach several milestones in our lives in the next year, and he will miss every one of them. My heart grieves. What are a few shut off notices to look back on fifty years from now?

Speaking of Money, our internet got shut off Monday morning. That’s kind of frustrating, especially since we use that to communicate with The Sgt and we need it for school. In fact, it’s my only means of communication with someone whose website I manage, and I can’t do anything with a second website I am supposed to be managing, to say nothing of all of the communication we maintain via social networking. Oh, the agony!

We bought a large beverage from a local business yesterday so that we could use their wi-fi. While we were sitting in their parking lot passing the laptop around, my kids said, “Hey, there’s Mrs. —–!” Sure enough, one of my best friends had stopped in at the same business, had seen us and was heading over. I had just told her the day before about our internet getting turned off. I’m sure we looked pathetic. J She asked what we were doing, and I told her that we were checking our email. We chatted for a few minutes and then headed out.

Last night, we saw each other again, and she handed me an envelope with my name on it. She told me to open it later, so I opened it when I got home. It was a gift card to the business whose wi-fi we used! J

I just got off the phone with The Sgt. We’re getting a huge payment next Friday which includes reimbursement for some large, months-old travel expenses which we didn’t have the money to cover at the time but did anyway to the detriment of our day to day financial wellbeing, plus we’ll be paid for nearly three weeks of a/d. We’ll be able to get caught up on all of our past due bills, buy groceries, and hopefully be current on EVERYTHING! The only problem is that we’re almost out of money NOW, and I’m not sure how we’re going to make it another 8 days on what we have!!! Oh LORD God, I trust You to take care of us! Please help me not to worry!!! Thank You for showing Yourself strong on our behalf in this!!

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